I'm back.

I've decided to start posting to LJ again. Holy shit, right?

I know very, very few people are still active around LJ, so if you do happen to come across this post and ARE still around, drop me a comment. I'm going to do plenty of clean-up around here in the next few days and pruning the friends list (and then adding new people, hopefully), is at the top of my to-do!

So, why am I coming back?

Today, I reread all of my entries from when I moved to Japan. It was really eye-opening. I'd forgotten SO MUCH. And then I realized, not long after returning to the states, I stopped writing posts. For almost four years, I haven't had a journal -- that's four years of things I've undoubtedly forgotten. Details I'll never get back. Lessons I'll forget.

It seems like such a shame.

So I'm taking up journaling again, and I might as well do it in a place that I know, that has lasted me this long -- that I might, maybe, find a community in. Maybe. I know Livejournal is very nearly dead, but if I'm coming back -- surely there's a little bit of hope.

Here goes.


The beach was great! Pictures to come.

On our way to the island, driving over this enormous bridge (decorated with wave patterns), I saw a bright pink bird in the sky.

Me: What?! What is that? Mom, look, that bird is pink. WHAT BIRD IS PINK? What is life?!
Mom: Seriously, Ashley. What bird is pink? Think about it.
Mom: ................Ashley.
Me: ...Wait... No. IT'S A FLAMINGO?
Mom: face->palm.

A good way to kick off our stay at the island! It was only four days but it felt like longer -- our first day was spent exploring the beach, driving in my mom's boss' convertible jaguar, roaming the docks, and finally eating amazing AMAZING greek food for dinner. So much delicious food... SEAFOOD. Fresh seafood! Like, so fresh that the cooks literally go ten feet next door to buy the fish from the market.

The next day I dragged my parents around to do touristy things. We watched a short movie detailing the history of the island, we went on a boat tour around the harbor, we saw dolphins... Then we went to the beach again! I swam around with my dad for an hour or two. Totally beat, we went back to the hotel, napped, and woke up only to go eat dinner in some divey bar down the street.

The day after that, MORE TOURISTY THINGS. We roamed around the island's historic downtown square, then toured a ship built in the early 1800s, ate at Fisherman's Wharf, went to see the oldest house on the island, went and collected driftwood on the beach, and finished off our day by going to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was fitting. (And an awful movie, but no surprises there.)

Our last day, we went antiquing! Mom started getting cranky around lunchtime and I knew we were pretty set to go. We ate at a bar in the historic area of town, drove through some neighborhoods looking at the cool-ass houses, and finally headed home.

There it is -- the trip in a nutshell. Pictures are going to be far more exciting, so I'll get those done soon.

All in all, an awesome weekend. Summertime, here we go!

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A quick post to let everyone know I'm okay. That was the most terrifying night of my life --

I say "was" like it's not still happening because I'm alone and cold and frightened. But I'm healthy, my apartment is intact, and I lost nothing. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to sleep more easily. It's 5am here and it's just not going to happen. Every few minutes my apartment begins rocking again.

More news eventually, I promise.